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Our next chapter is focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship. We’ve utilized our existing landscape to fuse elements of our green infrastructure—which includes a farm, greenhouse and apiary. 

Sustainability Specialist, Angelica Carmen, is managing all aspects, and leading the green initiatives. 

In our inaugural season, we’ve planted more than 100 varieties of vegetables & herbs on 8,000 square feet of land. Being a culinary farm, we’re focusing on highlighting eating with the seasons. 

We grow biodynamically, meaning all organic inputs and no chemicals, IPM methods, crop rotation & companion planting. All of these plants start from seed in our solar greenhouse.

We chose specialty varieties that change the aesthetics and flavor profiles when harvested at peak maturity. 

We are excited to collaborate with our Chefs to create thoughtful & innovative dishes with the ingredients grown here on property. 

In addition, we have 10 honey bee hives in our apiary. Their presence enhances our local biodiversity, and offers us seasonal honey harvests to utilize in our food and beverage program. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with us, and be sure to see the latest videos and updates on our YouTube page!

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1700 West Renwick Road, Romeoville, IL 60446